July 25, 2006 // Disneyland + Nikki's house
Meeh, so I don't have my laptop with me right now - I probably won't get it until... Friday, maybe - and so I have to steal my cousin's and uncle's computers while I'm here in Murrieta. But let's not complain about that now. xD Let's talk about Disneyland!
Okay okay. So, I barely got any sleep the night before Disneyland, so I was dying and falling asleep in the heat. So, I got to the Disneyland hotel with my family at around 9:30AM and we met up with Nikki and her brother, Jarrod. Then, April, Nikki, Jarrod, and I met up with my cousins Matt and Stefan so that we could all take the monorail into Tomorrowland. Because we didn't have too much time to spend in Disneyland - Mia was performing her solo at around 11:20- we went straight to Space Mountain. It was April's first time going on the ride and Matt wanted her to ride with him... BUT SHE RODE WITH ME! HAH! Because she loves me. :) She was a little scared before going on the ride because... I don't really know. But anyway, we went on and it was great fun. After the ride, Matt and Stefan went away to do their own thing because the rest of us were going to go back to the Disneyland Hotel. But then we stopped and rode the Matterhorn because it was such a short line. That was fun... pretty crazy. There were some japanese people in front of us that were... very asian. Anywayyy. We went ran back to the Monorail because we didn't want to miss Mia's dance... and we got there just in time! We watched her perform, but it was kind of sad because she fell. GRACEFULLY. She still owned with a gold 1st place and 9th place out of 18 people. SO HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah. She cried and was really sad, but the good thing was that she followed out and finished her dance. So after that... IT TOOK FOREVER TO DECIDE WHERE WE WANTED TO GO FOR LUNCH. But, I was smart and suggested that we eat lunch at the hotel. So, we did! Nikki and I shared a yummy turkey sandwhich while Mia and April shared a chinese chicken sandwhich that had lettuce that looked like weeds. But, it was still pretty good. xD
Okay, after lunch, Mia, April, Nikki, and I went back to Tomorrowland through the monorail. My dad, my mom, and Jarrod would meet up with us later. So the very first thing we did was... fast-passed Autopia because Nikki and I fast-passed it last year and never got to go on. xD After that, we went on Astro Blasters and I owned them with a score of 45,700! But, that was only level 3. But that's okay, I beat the rest of them. xD The pictures that the ride took were really funny. Mia looked crazy. xD Mia wanted a pretzel, so she got one shaped like Mickey while I bought... a baby Mickey pin! I love collecting those pins. I also bought a Tigger one. ^^ So, Autopia was next and we sorta melted in line because the whole line was outdoors. But it was a good thing that we had fast-passes! Oh, and Nikki and Mia thought that I was flirting with that one guy that was directing people where to go, but I wasn't. They're just weird. REALLY REALLY weird. ^^ OH OH OH! And during Autopia, we learned that Nikki is a very horrible driver. Either that, or Mia is a very bad person to be driving with. It's probably both. xD So, fast-passing was great that day because we fast-passed Indiana Jones and then waited in the cool air conditioned line of Pirates of the Carribean. We saw Matt and Stefan there, so we cut with them. xD It's a really mellow ride, so it almost put Mia and me to sleep. ^^; Oh! I also found out what the Blue Bayou was. Nikki and I were going to eat there, but we decided that we'd rather spend money on buying gifts for our friends. But, we'll eat there next year! ^^ Okay, so after that... we stopped by New Orleans Cafe to eat Chicken Jambalaya. Okay. So the hilarious Mia story there was... At the very beginning of the line, there's a tier of plates with the food selections on them. What you're supposed to do is look at the food, decide on which one you want, and tell the person behind the counter what you want. After lots of debating, we picked Chicken Jambalaya, which I really wanted. ^^ Anyway, Mia wanted clam chowder and wasn't really paying attention... so she grabbed the plate of chicken jambalaya on the tier and put it on our tray. She didn't really know what she did wrong until people started staring and laughing at her. xD Even the people in line behind us started laughing. It was so funny because she said, "What? Aren't you supposed to do that?" And yeah. It was great. Yeah. So that's her story. Anyway, we met up with my dad while eating, and he bought us steak gumbo and clam chowder to eat, too. Since we were all together, my dad took us and Jarrod to go ride Splash Mountain. My mom didn't want to go, so she sat by herself for... about 2 hours or so. THE LINE WAS SO LONG! I died. I was grumpy. You have no idea. I was sweaty, tired, and gross. It wasn't too pleasant until we actually got on the ride, which was really fun. xD After Splash Mountain, we went to The Pooh Corner, which is a shop in Critter Country and bought stuff for our friends. I bought cool stuff for my friends! Except for Emily and Vincent. ^^; I didn't know what to get them. So after that, we split up again... and Mia, April, Nikki, and I went to Storybookland to go to the princess shop. Nikki and I wanted to get another Disneyland memorabilia <-- Nikki word. But, they didn't have great princess gloves that fit Nikki's hands because her hands aren't as small as little kids. xD So, we went to Main Street to go find more presents for our friends... and I couldn't find anything Esmerelda! I was so angry and sad. xP After that, we went on Indiana Jones, which I haven't been on since... 2-4 years ago. :( Since we fast-passed it, the line went really really quickly compared to the other poor people. xD During the walk to ride though, there was a part of the passage way that was pitch black. Some "tall high school kids" unscrewed the lightbulbs and we were walking in black darkness. It was pretty scary and I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be like that or not. But, it was fun and added to the scary suspense affect. Anyway, we went back to... New Orleans Square to wait for Fantasmic and for dessert afterwards and met up with my parents and Jarrod again. It took forever to get because of the evil people in front of us in line, but dessert was absolutely delicious! I was freaking out like crazy because I didn't want to miss Fantasmic because I hadn't seen it since I was 3 years old... and so it was pretty scary. But, Fantasmic got cancelled! So I was really sad. :( But we had a really good dessert to comfort us. We had a really really creamy cheesecake, a chocolate tart with apple carmel filling that came with an edible pirate coin that wasn't really that edible, and an apple pie. It was great. :) So after thaaat, stuff happened. I didn't get to say goodbye to Mia because she went off with her dance friend and is a poofacemonkeybuttsuckingloser. But, I did get to say goodbye to the rest of my family in Downtown Disney, once we got back and April cried again. Which made me cry. Anyway. I don't have my laptop because it was in my van and my dad decided to stay at Disneyland so that he could pick up Mia... and I didn't take my van back to the hotel, so yeah. I don't have it, but my dad shipped it over and it's supposedly supposed to arrive around Friday. Yep! So I got to Nikki's house at around 1AM and then we stayed up until 3AM talking.

So that was Disneyland. And now I am at Nikki's house where we really haven't done much and our sleeping patterns are completely abnormal. So hopefully we'll fix that soon. ^^ Okay. So we'll go now. We have to go to sleep at around 10PM and House is on at 8PM. So bye byeeeee! <333


May 15, 2006 // Junior Prom
Junior prom was overall really really fun. It was an extremely new experience, even though I've been to other dances before... I went to homecoming, which was formal, but JP was quite different...
Starting from the beginning... I had gone to my Good Sam Hospital shift, gotten a haircut, and then went to the Alamaden Library to volunteer some more. I could've collapsed in my bed when I had gotten home if I had not needed to hop into the shower and start getting ready for JP. Emily, my hero, came to my house and was there when I got out of the shower. In the span of about 15 minutes, I had gotten dressed and Emily was blow-drying my hair. She tried straightening it after, but we both realized that all it did was burn my hair. My hair is too thick, I think. xP So, we settled for me putting it up into a half ponytail and then letting her curl it. It was really pretty after the curling and hairspray. :) Yay for Herbal Essence hairspray because it smells nice and flowery. xD Umm okay. So yeah. I didn't put that much make-up because I don't know how to put on make-up and Mia wasn't there to help me. I basically put covergirl powder stuff, eyeliner, and mascara. And TAADAAH! That's it. I even forgot chapstic or lipgloss because Nick came before I could do anything else. xD So there was picture taking and then we left for dinner.

Dinner was fun- I ended up not killing my dress while I was eating. :P There was some guy with green hair and a green beard... and then Bob made me laugh really hard and almost choke on my iced tea by saying Paul Bunion and what not... xP OH! And when I saw Jen, she told me that my dress was really long, that it shouldn't have a train, and that I should've had it altered. That was all quite true, but I still got pretty bugged about her annoyed-ness at my dress. But, that all ended when we actually got to the dance because of my other heroes, Jessica, Melinh, Anisha, and Jenn Kim. <3 Before we went to the dance though, we went into Cost Plus. I guess Jen mentioned something about candy... and we went to explore candy! Bob ended up buying some and then we went to the dance. We were really on time, so I got to say hi to sophomore friends and exploreeeeeee! Hmm... I didn't really explore too much, but I went outside to the balcony with Nick, Bob, and Jen. It was... a not very pretty view when it was still light out. I think that it was prettier when it was dark. xD Umm yeah. Sooo. Exploring, running around in the super long dress, OH! Pictures. We took pictures right when we got there because there was no line. :D I stepped on the white cardboard stuff they had on the ground, and I think that my heel made a dent in it. I said "Oops" and one of the photographers said that it was okay. I think they expected that cardboard thing to break later on because of different heels. o__O But anywayy, I hope that the picture comes out nicely. I don't want to kill the picture. xP

Okaay. So after some more exploring of that dance floor, tables, hershey's kisses on the tables, and flower petals, I decided to try to pin up the train on my dress. So... I kind of ditched Nick to go do that where all of the sophomore girls were... in that kitchen place where supplies were. xD I don't even know how I ditched him... I think that I told him that I'd be right back and then I took like... 15 minutes. ^^; Ahahh.. I'm sorry, Nick... >.<

So anyway, Jen found me and then Nick found me... and then I had my dress pinned up. After Jessica accidentally stepped on my dress, even though it was pinned up, the safety pin broke. So I gave up right there. My dress was going to have to stay long and pretty and LONG. xD It got stepped on and dirty, but it didn't rip, which was very nice. Once more people started arriving, Nick and I went to go meet some of his friends and other people that he knew and I didn't. xD We saw lots of people... Everyone looked really nice, though. Oh! and among those people, we saw Nam. He ran around a lot during the dance... I didn't know where he was most of the time. o__o. Mmmm... what next. I guess more random stuff and then dancing. I couldn't really dance at first because I didn't have the usual crazy cool people that I'm comfortable with. But, I eventually became comfortable and okay with everything and it was fun. ^^ Dancing was very different this time because there were no super close friends for me to cling onto. Ahh. And I am short. xD Nick had to basically slouch when slow dancing with me because I'm so short. Ohhh, and during this whole dancing time thing, I had taken off my shoes. No dancing in heels for me. No matter how small the heels are. xD Hmmm. So dancing dancing, lalalaa... It got really super hot and I got tired... So, Jennifer and I went to get drinks and air until we got cold and went back inside again. xD I was having fun, got tired, but then didn't want to fall asleep at the dance, so kept on dancing. xD The last 15 minutes were all slow songs and I didn't get to dance with Jenn, Melinh, and Jessica. I was sad. But it was okaay. Nick twirled me and my dress was really pretty! I had lots of fun twirling in that dress. :] I got dizzy... but it was seroiusly very fun. ^^
After the danceeee... Bob, Jen, Nick, and I went to the park near Castillero. That was fun... more fun with my dress. I got to go on the swings with a dress on. It was awesome. :D Hmm... So then I got dropped off at home. and yeah. PICTUREEES! I only have 7. :(

Okay. Tiring. THE END. xD


April 17, 2006 // Easter Pictures + Snow!
Okay, so this will soley be a picture post. Ahhahh, doesn't "soley" look like such a funny word? xD

The cousin who did homework on Easter. Tsk tsk tsk... xD

Nikki lovee <33

Okay, so we had two easter egg hunts; one for the kids under the age of 10 and one for the teenagers, basically. This a picture of us teens lined up, ready to run around in the backyard looking for those eggs... =D

My little sister, April, looking for eggs in the grass...

Yeah... the adults in my family are kinda crazy. Some adults hid eggs in their pant pockets and the women put eggs in their shirts. xP

The cool thing was that there was money in those eggs! I made $15, mwuahahahaa. :) Oh, and there's that cousin again.. in her UCLA shirt. She has her heart completely set on going there. I think that I'm supposed to go there with her...

The STEFAN. :) Blowing bubbles... Here are some of the bubbles he blew!

During drive back home, we went through these series of hills(I guess they're hills.. xP) called The Grapevine. When my dad stopped at a rest stop, it was snowing! It was slushy melty snow that melted once it hit the ground, but it stayed icy when it was on my hair, so I took a picture. NO, that is not lice. xP

I had an extremely fun weekend. THE END

April 15, 2006// Happy Early Easter!
Alrighty. So nobody has read this yet, but I'll update just for the sake of updating... and because I'm waiting to go into the shower. xP Right now I'm in Murrieta at my cousin's house for Easter. It's been really really fun... Last night, I got four hours of sleep because my cousin, my sister, and I were watching the first season of Grey's Anatomy on DVD. Plus, I was reading volumes 17 and 18 of Kare Kano. You have no idea of how much I love that manga right now... ^^; Arima is <3lovee. So anyway, besides staying up really late yesterday, I saw my cousin's Brandon and Kayla! They're little, by the way, and they're the cutest little kids ever... Well, Kayla is still a baby.. but yeah. And gosh, my Aunt Vera is truly insane. xP Insane in a good way, though. She's so honest and really blunt at times, but I love how I can communicate with her so easily. Mhmmm, she's awesome. It's funny... we talk about the randomest things sometimes. I think the last time I visited her, she asked me what I would do if my boyfriend wanted me to stop talking to one of my good friends. It was a hypothetical situation and we just talked about it and our different opinions. It was really interesting. :)
Anyway, I'm at my cousin Nikki's house right now and todayyy... We went to the mall and I got a ton of new clothes. I spent all of the money that I earned in March today. xP But it was completely worth it. I got my first ever Hollister clothing! Gosh. For me, that's pretty cool. xD But anyway, I get to shower now. So byeee!

April 11, 2006// Happy Birthday, Spidey!
It's Kevin Chobo's 16th birthday today!!! I texted him earlier to wish him a happy birthday because I was still in school... But yeah! Woohooo! :) I would go on myspace and leave him an ultra long, ultra cool comment... but my dad blocked the site again. x_x Yes yes I know... I can go onto it through proxy sites, but I'm too lazy to do that. Plus, I don't really care that much, I guess. My sister uses proxy sites, though. xP
Okay, so anyway... I shouldn't be moody right now, but I think I am. I really don't want to be on AIM, so I think that I'm going to sign off soon... even though I had a neat conversation with Will on how he wants to get his best friend, a girl, a necklace from Tiffany's for her birthday. x_X! That crazy talented kid that is too rich. lol. Yeah, I think that it'd be really cool to be close friends with Will. He's a pretty nice guy. I find it a little hard to believe that I still talk to him, though. We just... IM each other at random times and such. So I guess it's pretty cool... xP
Ughh, but I really am moody. I shouldn't be!! Spring break starts this Friday, Emily is feeling way better, I had a telephone conversation with her that lasted over 10 minutes, my rough draft for spanish is due after break, career day is tomorrow, annnd I get to go to socal on Friday to see Nikki and all of my other crazy cousins!
Okie dokieee... So I will leave you, whoever is reading this... with a funny story of me today. When Ms. Sjoberg, my spanish teacher, told us that our rough drafts for our spanish reports were due after break... I said "Yes!" and I somehow twisted in my seat so that I almost fell out of it... xD

x0x0-ashley :